about us

Audibax is a Spanish dynamic and innovative brand driven by a passion for sound and lighting, including many kinds of showbusiness gear.

Our proactive mindset and pursuit of excellence drove us to create Audibax, with a vision to craft unforgettable experiences driven by the mission to deliver top-quality products without breaking the bank.

We prioritize attention to detail in every stage of product development and design, ensuring European quality control standards.

Since its establishment, our brand has maintained a strong determination to research and development, continuously raising the bar for our brand through exceptional product innovation. As a one-stop supplier, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet all your needs.

Global Layout

Our products are accessible to customers worldwide, with availability through a strong network of global distributors.

This extensive global presence spans many channels, representing a comprehensive global distribution network.

We are at the forefront of driving the digital transformation within the industry.

Product Development

We put a lot of effort into developing and designing our products, paying close attention to even the tiniest details. Our team of skilled technicians, who are awesome at what they do, makes sure that everything meets the highest European quality standards. They work hard to make sure we offer you fantastic quality at super competitive prices.

By the year 2023, Audibax has launched over 180 fresh products into the mix, not just at home but around the globe too. Explore our remarkable products, featuring the latest speaker innovations, exclusive lighting solutions, our diverse range of stands, and an ultimate collection of accessories – just a glimpse of the exciting products waiting for you.

transformation within the industry.

Product Quality


When it comes to product excellence, we go above and beyond at Audibax. It’s our commitment to quality that sets us apart from the rest. Our products are more than just a purchase; they’re a statement of enduring durability and perfection.


When you choose Audibax, you’re not just choosing a product; you’re choosing the ultimate sound & lighting experience. Get ready to be excited by the unbeatable combination of durability, quality, and value. Join us and let your love for the show boost with Audibax.


Crafted from only the finest materials, our speakers, lighting, and accessories are designed for the long haul. We understand that quality is not just a feature; it’s our essence. That’s why when you select Audibax, you’re choosing a product that is sure to withstand the test of time.


At Audibax, we firmly believe that exceptional quality should be affordable. You should not have to break the bank to experience the best. That’s why we maintain highly competitive prices, providing you with the best product.


The core of our success lies in our team of unstoppable specialists who are committed to delivering innovation and excellence to the most. We collaborate relentlessly to offer our customers top-notch sound and lighting solutions. Additionally, our technical support and sales divisions are well-structured and agile, ensuring outstanding service to our distributor network. We are thrilled to be leaders in our industry.

Warehousing & Support

Our commitment to exceptional service spans the globe, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can count on us. We take pride in our global customer service, which is available to assist you.

In addition to our top-notch customer service, get ready to experience lightning-fast order processing and delivery from our warehouse, located in Spain. Our warehouses are equipped with the latest technology, enabling us to fulfill orders with lightning speed and flawless precision. This facility boasts a capacity for 10,000 pallet units and a remarkable availability rate of 95%. We’re fully stocked and ready to serve you.

But our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with just prompt deliveries. We also recognize the vital role of technical support in the sales landscape. That’s why we offer comprehensive online technical support to ensure that you have the assistance and guidance you need to make informed decisions and maximize the benefits of our products or services. Get ready to rock your business game!